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ServSafe, HACCP, Alcohol Management,  First Aid, CPR, Allergens.

Food safety and quality of food

WS Food Safety offers training through a variety of platforms including classroom, online one on one training, the class covers the following:

• Understand the Microworld

• Food safety

• Contamination, food allergen and food borne illness

• The safe Food safety

• Flow of food

• Management system


• Safe facility and equipment

• Cleaning and sanitizing

• Pest Management

• Food safety regulations and standards

• Staff food safety regulations

Reduce risks, prepare for audits and meet food safety regulations with serve safe and HACCP classes, training and certification.

1.  Knowledge of FDA

(Federal agency recommendation)

2.  Knowledge of food safety principles, especially

the requirements as related to the Food Safety Modernization USDA

3.  Creative Problem Solving skills and

corrective actions

4.  Understanding of HACCP principles

5.  Understanding of OSHA regulations

6.  Experience with 3rd party food safety

audits-PWT company

7.  Ability to understand and operate product

testing equipment



8.  Assist you with Pest Control program

9.  Create new program of self audits, with reports, follow up, results.

10. Personal Hygiene (full training for all colleagues)

11.  Kitchen equipment clean and sanitized

12. Cross contamination and cross contact

13. Allergens

14. Flow of the food (purchase, receive, storage, preparation, cooking, cold, hot temperatures, serving)

15. Conduct exam and certification for your establishments.



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WS Food Safety Consulting

ServSafe, HACCP, Alcohol Management


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